Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets don't have to be the small standard square box of yesterday. In fact theres many standard choices available or if your looking for something completely different, dream up a custom cabinet to fit the space you need. More than likely if you walk around home depot and other renovation stores you will spot something that will work perfectly.

The first step is to measure the width you need to cover. You will find that a combination of standard size cabinets will usually work to fill your space. You want your cabinets (unless your using an open concept like the picture above) to cover as much of your space as possible to minimize the size of any filler strips you need. Now you can find filler strips that match your cabinet design like carved rope designs, flowers and whatnot, back in the day they were just flat strips of wood covered with melamine or whatever kind of finish to hide the gap to the wall.

You may need some sort of custom cabinet made, while it is a little more expensive than the out-of-the-box type cabinets you find today, the look can be well worth the extra price.

Lets talk counter top. There is many new kinds of tops to choose from, some of the most popular being moulded one-piece sink and surface which is great for clean up. Stone is always a great choice, while marble is not. I find marble simply absorbs too much and can stain easily. If your real ambitious you can build your own top easily and find a nice tile to surface it with, in which case you want a full inch of plywood (or 2 half inch layers) well fastened to the cabinet. I would go all out and even use Ditra underlayment to reduce the risk of grout cracking. Granite tiles are perfect for bathroom countertops.

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