Lawn mowers and Riding mowers


Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers and lawn tractors are great machines and the latest models have some features worth checking out. New, fancy zero turn mowers and four wheel steer mowers can make mowing your lawn quicker and easier.

If your really interested in a good mower and not poluting the atmosphere, check out the new rechargeable mowers. Some rechargeable mowers now come with a removeable battery, and the batteries keep a good charge and can run your mower for over an hour.

If you have a gas powered mower, never turn the blades with your hands when cleaning the grass housing area. Its possible that it can start up for a moment, which would be long enough to do some nasty damage.

If you have a small lawn, and perhaps want to lose a few pounds. Consider buying and old school push activated mower, you will keep the enviroment clean and certainly feel the effort in your stomach, shoulders and arms later on in the day.

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