Light Bulbs Burn Out Too Quickly
Light bulbs can flicker or burn out too quickly. Find some tips for increasing perfomance and ultimately saving money.

Usually the problem with light bulbs that burn out too quickly is that the person who screwed them in simply tightened them too much.

If a bulb flickers it is most likely from over tightening too. When you unscrew a bulb you will see a brass tab inside the fixture. This tab is angled and slightly spring loaded, if its been compressed too much it will cause a bad connection. DO NOT stick your finger in there while it is powered! Turn off the switch and test to make sure theres no power with a tester!

If this tab don't make good contact with the connection at the bottom of the bulb you can get arc's. Also a hole could form which would break the vacuum in the bulb which gets replaced with your normal house air to cause a quick burnout. If you turn too tightly you could also break the cement type connection between the threaded part and the glass part of the bulb which would also cause a quick burn.

If you find your brass tab in the fixture is compressed too far, turn off the power to the light and test for power with a tester, or simply turn off the breaker for that area to be sure its not live and try to bend it back to a nice 30 degree angle and make it springy again.

Its good to screw in replacement bulbs with the power on, when the light comes on simply give it another 1/8th of a turn and your all set to get a full life from your new bulb.

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